Italian restaurants with credit card terminal

Customer: Advertising agency

An advertising agency from Hungary advertises a new type of credit card terminal.
Classic forms of advertising with general address lists are usually ineffective, because the litter loss on the one hand too high, and of course the cost, by many superfluous addresses, which currently have no credit card terminal, is too high. With us, the customer could buy an exactly filtered address list at a price of $ 0.12 p / a.

All German restaurants in the high-priced segment

Customer: Industrial flooring manufacturer

A company from Germany, which specializes in carpets for industrial use, The customer purchased nearly 300 restaurant addresses for $ 191. With address costs, printing, envelope and postage, the entire transmission by mail referred to about $ 300. With a single order, the campaign is economically successful.

All restaurants in Edinburgh

Customer: Job placement agency

A local leasing company needs all the addresses of restaurants in Edinburgh. The purpose of the campaign was to provide specialized staff for the catering sector. This provided 1,626 addresses of restaurants in Edinburgh, priced at $ 198.